Re: What was it like inside home during '89 quake?

03/10/14 - posted by Shirley Krohn

I was standing on the corner of Beale and Howard when the earthquake struck. I was surrounded by high rises and large cranes attached to facilities being built. It hit and I grabbed a parking meter and I was very aware of buildings swaying and windows shattering. I watched one of the cranes sway to the motion. I think one even came down. My husband arrived and I told him to head for the Bay Bridge before the aftershocks came. Huge mistake! The bridge as you have heard, was at a dead stop because of the part that had caved. I told my husband I wasn't going to get stuck on the bridge when there was more shaking, so I got out and walked back to firm ground. Needless to say, it took hours for cars and busses to be turned around and back into the City. What a nightmare. When we could, we went to the outer Sunset(44th & Lincoln) to check on my mom & dad. My mom was terrified by earthquakes. Did not see any obvious damage, except for Mom's nerves. We then made out way to San Bruno to check on my husband's parents. they were ok. We did not get home to Walnut Creek until almost midnight! The next work day, downtown SF looked like a war zone! Frightening experience!

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