Re: What was it like inside home during '89 quake?

03/08/14 - posted by Steve

I was not in California so I missed the experience. Many friends told me their stories.

The most dramatic one was that of a friend who was in his office in Santa Cruz, which of course was much nearer the epicenter of the earthquake than San Francisco. He said he was in a room that was used as a library, with bookcases that were all bolted to the walls. When everything began to shake, he said, books began to fall out of the bookcases and his first impulse was to put them back. Then books then began to "fly" off the shelves instead of just falling, so he got under the table and stayed there during the rest of the quake.

I came to Santa Cruz soon after the earthquake. It was the first time I had seen such a natural disaster close-up.

Also I had cousins who lived (one still does) in Felton, which was the actual epicenter. They said it shook quite a bit and knocked down their brick chimney.

A colleague was on a business trip to the city and was temporarily stuck in the Grand Hyatt elevator.

My Eastern friends found it surprising when I said I was sorry I was not there.

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