Re: What was it like inside home during '89 quake?

08/06/18 - posted by Walter Farnlacher

At the time of the quake I was walking down a sidewalk in Alameda.
Alameda is an island across the bay from San Francisco. It is mostly low-lying barely above sea level. Some of the island is filled in land. I lived on Broadway which was not filled land but, it shook so hard I could hardly walk straight. I heard rumbling. I saw tv antennas whipping back and forth. The utility poles were moving like something was from underground. Old houses started losing bricks from chimneys. My house, when I finally reached it, was unscathed. Considering it was built in 1908, had lath and plaster walls and a brick foundation it should have sustained some extensive damage. Not even a crack in the plaster! Homes in Alameda on filled land did not care as good. That night we drove to the shoreline to see the lights of San Francisco......THERE WERE NONE! The city was dark! It was around 8pm and no lights were seen. Scary! There is more to the experiences of that day before and after that quake. I hope to not go through another like it.

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