1952 Soap Box Derby

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Hi--I don't know if you can help? Or if you can pass this into someone who could help? I'm doing a family history and some of my past is in the Bay area. Please read below--any help you could give would be greatly appreciated--I 1952 I used to live at the curve on Moraga Ave in Piedmont, CA..

In 1952 My brother Howard Bell helped me upholster the seats in my Soap Box Derby car named "The Bantam" with green pleated leatheret.He worked at Sterlings Department store. I'm not sure if it was in S/F or Oakland. My brother had a Mexican girl freind who was into FOLK DANCING. She taught my brother these dances. They danced on one of the first TV broadscasts out of S/F about Mexican Folk Dancing. It sure would be nice if some remembered him.
I was 13 at the time and enrolled in Piedmont High School. It was there that I built my Soap Box Derby car with the name written in Scroll Cursive on the sides "The Bantam"--please read below:
I was in the Soap Box Derby held in San Francisco in the summer of 1952. I drew a straw that gave me lane #1--a very badly potholed part of the street. On my first race I raced against the guy that ended up taking first place over all--he had lane #1 it was very smooth--with no pot holes. We had a photo finish---I had to wait to see if I had beaten him---but the photo finish showed that he had beaten me by 2 inchs across the finish line.
If there is any one who could tell me how to get pics of this event or storys about it I would be gratefull.
My car was a bright ORANGE with Green seats and had the name of "BANTAM" scroll written on the sides.

Also a few weeks later the town of Piedmont,CA across the bay held its very first soap box derby---I came in first place but I have no pics or news articals of this race ether--can anyone help me find out more??
Best Regards----Les Bell

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