Re: Happy 115th Anniversay - Ferry Bldg

07/14/13 - posted by Paul Rosenberg

In the hall of fame of worst days of the Ferry Building, I'd add:
1. When the "Giant Relief Map of California" was sold to make way for the conversion of the Ferry Building to a world trade center doomed it. This map had been on display in the Ferry Building from 1924 until 1962. I had discovered it on an elementary school field trip. According to a John Martini citation: The map was bought for one dollar in 1962 by an investor/developer from Redding,California, named T.R. "Tom" Woods. In April 2003 the Redding Record Searchlight ran an article on Woods that includes this intriguing bit of information: "In 1960, he paid $1 for a relief map a 36-year-old replica of California weighing 60 tons and stretching 600 feet long that was due to be destroyed because its San Francisco Ferry Building home was being remodeled. "Woods reportedly paid nearly $15,000 to dismantle it and move it to Redding, where it remained in storage until he sold it 15 years later, again for $1." Unfortunately, there's no mention of who bought the model in 1977. Woods died two years later.

2. When the mineral museum with working models of mines moved: The mineral collection began in 1880, and now contains over 13,000 objects including mining artifacts, crystalline gold, and thousands of beautiful gems, and mineral specimens from California and around the world. The collection was moved to the Mariposa Fairgrounds in 1983 after residing in San Francisco's Ferry Building for over 80 years. The museum became a state park in 1999.

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