Re: Cabrillo Playground

06/21/12 - posted by buzz

I lived 5 houses up from the playground. It was called "The Loop".
Norma Hamilton was terrific. She helped me with my tennis game. Norma introduced me to golf. She talked me into skipping school (I didn't need much convincing!) We played 18 holes with Norma showing me how to hold and swing each club.
Some neighbors were Phil Doherty, Bill Golinsky, Bob Cutler, Franklin Israel whose father was also our postman. Also Dick Silverman, Don Cameron Al Cattan and many others whose names I can"t recall.
Our basketball games were legendary. At night those owning cars would park with their lights on so we could play at night.
We played "Pedro" in the club house and also had great ping pong tournaments
I always wondered what happened to norma's daughters.

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