Re: Cabrillo Playground

06/17/12 - posted by don paolino

I have spent a lot of time at that playground as it was around the corner from the house I grew up in on 26th ave between Fulton and Cabrillo. My heyday there was late 50s to mid 60s.
On my last trip to the City to visit my mom in her nursing home this past Mother's day, I drove by the old house and parked by GG park on Fulton and walked around past the playground and discovered all the heavy equipment there and construction materials. Sure did evoke a lot of memories, as did your post.
I mainly used it because I liked to just shoot baskets, but I did get involved in a few pickup games which were mostly all half court, defensive. The playground was full of kids in those days. I dont see as many kids in that neighborhood now, or for that matter in SF as a whole. I noted Cabrillo grammar school has been long closed on 25th a few blocks away.
I have lots of memories of the playground, but one in particular seems to have stuck in my mind over the years. I got out from SH high school around 2 o clock most days and on Fridays when homework was'nt that pressing, I liked to go to the playground and just shoot baskets.
On the south court, I was sharing it with a mom and her son who was also shooting. The boy, about 12 maybe, had downs syndrome, but appeared to be so happy putting up the ball.
Anyway, it is good to hear that the playground will be renovated and looks to be around for many more years to come.

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