Cabrillo Playground

06/16/12 - posted by Mary-Ann - orrville6849<at>

Did anyone catch the June 10th Chronicle article about the upcoming renovations to Cabrillo Playground? There is a neighborhood group involved and are raising funds to add to the $$$ approved by Parks & Rec out of bond money that had been voted on. Visit the friends of Cabrillo Playground at the website - there are photos and a plan of the new layout that had been put together after a lot of input from the neighborhood and Parks & Rec.

The place brings back many random memories for me. During the early '40s, when my aunt, uncle & baby boy stayed with us for a while, my girlfriend next door and I wheeled my little cousin in his taylor-tot (bet you haven't heard that lately) down 38th Avenue above Anza to the playground so he could play in the sandbox and swing in the baby swing.

After we moved across the street on 39th near Fulton in 1945, I spend much time there with the Director, Norma Hamilton. She was someone easy to talk to while learning a little tennis. I remember her with much affection and respect.

Saturday mornings meant a good sized group of neighborhood boys gathered for pick-up basketball games, starting out with 3 on 3 or HORSE until enough arrived for a two-court game. I'd watch out my window until my boyfriend and my best friend's boyfriend showed up, call her and we would meet there and watch the games. At one time a square dance group started up on Monday nights in the clubhouse and several of us kept that going for quite a while. Many of that same group of neighborhood friends are still in touch. We've lost some - too many.

After Norma, a young woman named Roz (Rosalind, I think) was Director. When my two little brothers were old enough, they participated in her Tiny Tots classes - a form of pre-school. And when my first child was four, I brought him over from the Sunset on Wednesdays so he could go to Tiny Tots class, too.

I took a Recreation class at SF State - for the term paper we had to design a playground, plan yearly, monthly, weekly and daily activities and schedule & plan a tournament. With a lot of help from my boyfriend and using the plan for Cabrillo Playground, adding a locker room, gym and track (dream on) I turned in a spectacular paper! I got an A+.

I'm happy to hear the place is still important to the people in the neighborhood.

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