Re: The Lister family on 12th Ave sunset

04/06/18 - posted by Victoria

My great-grandparents bought 1313 12th Avenue in 1904 and lived there until shortly before they passed away. My parents bought the home and we lived there until 1966 and sold the home to a neighbor. My grandmother told us stories of cooking in the street after the 1906 earthquake and feeding people who wandered in from the park.

Yes, my great-grandfather was a lawyer who originally was from England. He met my great-grandmother in NYC and moved back to her hometown. She was a native of San Francisco. He ran for office (lost) and was a very active lawyer for many years and was very involved in the art scene.

My great-grandmother was an actress, singer and artist. She did write as well and directed plays. These plays were often Greek tragedies translated by Henry Lister and even starred my father as a child.

From what I understand, they did not build the home but bought it. When they bought it, the land surrounding the home in many places was sand - we used to have a picture of the home but somehow it's lost.

If you look up their names, you will find a plethora of information even to this day.

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