Re: The Lister family on 12thave sunset

09/26/16 - posted by Moreen

Henry Berstram Lister was also an Author of Poetry and plays etc... He had a love of California and writes about California specifically in many of his works. It is clear he was very in love wiyh his wife Lydia Warren Lister. i own the 171st. Copy of a limited edition, of. ONLY 200 copies of a small book he dedicated to his wife. It is a beautiful book of poetry and one play. It has two very nice photographs of each of them in it. Very handsome couple. His photo portrays a very handsome almost all grey haired mixed with dark haired man with a moustache . He is wearing a suit. Her picture seems to be from about the 30's ...her hair is light brown wavy and cut in a way that was considered very stylish around that time. She was a very pretty woman. She has a string of pearls around her neck and a lacey dress on. In the book there is a Poem entitled "California that I love. It mentions Sfo, Yosmite, the redwoods, the valley etc.. Beautiful writer with a gift for poetry that rivals the masters.

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