SF Board of Supervisors

10/15/10 - posted by Frank Dunnigan - dunnigan<at>sonic.net

Wednesday's Chron published a piece noting that the website of the SF Board of Supervisors failed to list such notable former members as 28th Avenue non-resident Ed Jew. Gavin Newsom was also among the missing alums. Seems to me that there are many more not included in this "official" list of only 90 names--particularly for the 1960s and earlier. Here's the link to the article and to the list:

James Sullivan, a family friend who died in 1961 is listed, but there were once multiple Supervisor Sullivans at the same time. That master of mangled phrases, Supervisor James B. McSheehy, who died in 1944, but who remains memorable, is also missing--"Let us take the bull by the tail and look the matter squarely in the face,” and “The sum mentioned comes within a few cents of being a vast and fabulous sum of money,” among others.

At a lunch gathering this summer, our own Paul Rosenberg managed to name HUNDREDS of former Supervisors, along with their dates in office (and their various scandals, too) right off the top of his head. A shame that the "official" record is incomplete and so poorly compiled. P. Rose, it's time for the "official book" of SF Supervisors!

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