Re: PEMABO's Peace Garden

12/28/09 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
PEMABO's Peace Garden - Peter Mason Bond

"Peter Mason Bond was born in Australia and came to San Francisco in 1905. He built an environment of signs and paintings called "PEMABO's Peace Garden" in San Francisco, which expressed his religious and philosophical beliefs. He also made oil paintings. His environment was dismantled about 1972. There is a photograph of the site and a painting illustrated in Twentieth Century American Folk Art and Artists by Hemphill and Weisman. He was included in the exhibitions "Cat and a Ball on a Waterfall" and "Pioneers in Paradise."

Below is a rare image of PEMABO. To purchase the greeting cards of this PEMABO image, please contact Richard Herbert. My thanks to him for sharing his image with all of us on this site.

From "Self Taught, Outsider, and Folk Art: A Guide to American Artists, Locations, and Resources" by Betty-Carol Sellen with Cynthia J. Johanson

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