Re: Monkey Woods

01/14/09 - posted by jb

If I have this place pegged right on my 1966 mental GPS, it is a little grove or clearing just before you get to the Westlake Estates. There was a group of kids who caddied at SFGC and called themselves "The Bowsers." Most lived in the Westlake School area and may have first gone to Riordan or SI before they washed out and up on the shores of Westmoor. Seems they would hide beer at this historic site, leftover from Friday night drink-ups, and knock back a cool one while making a loop on Saturday morning. They had a jingle:

err, err
brew at #7
Bowser incognito heaven.

Sadly and with rare exception, when old stories are shared about "what ever happened to..." most all seem to have gone on to become alcoholics, some dying very young. Perhaps this place is cursed and haunted. Seems this was a popular social gathering locale for guys, prior to attending the Saturday night teen dances held at many of the houses of worship along Brotherhood Way and in the Western Neighborhoods.

Nice to recall I shared a libation or two at the most-exclusive of San Francisco's Golf Clubs as a young man having already dined at the Olympic Club, many times before I turned 13, at their caddy shack counter and 9th hole snack bar. They had hamburgers in an elongated patty and served them on hotdog rolls. The caddy shack's piece de resistance was half a cantaloupe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...but I digress

Great Story, Woody! You can almost smell the gun powder and feel the cold of the morning sting like a pistol ball. Now why they would have a field of honor so far from a hospital is beyong me but I guess few ever entered into a duel thinking THEY might be shot.

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