Re: Monkey Woods

01/14/09 - posted by Kevin

I remember in the late 60's we'd ride our dirt bikes into a forested area on the S.E. quadrant of the int. of Brotherhood & L.Merced Blvd? Right where Brotherhood dead ended into the lake. Anyway, one day we came upon what appeared to be a state designated site where a dual took place between two rival state bureaucrats. I 'think' a Judge Terry & a Senator Broderick? This may not be accurate as it's been 40 years for me & that one of the two (I've read) was involved in more than one dual. But imagine our shock as we came upon this memorial close to the 'Monkey Woods you spoke of! BTW, I'd not heard of that name before, but means nothing. If the dual site was bogus, someone went to some serious great lengths with the amount of granite/stonework involved! ~kevin

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