Monkey Woods

01/13/09 - posted by Nick & Tanya - catalinapilot<at>

Does anyone remember "Monkey Woods"? Well that little tiny sliver of woods that used to be between Brotherhood Way and Parkmerced. When I went to St Thomas More School some 30 years ago it was considered to be the pinnacle of cool to wander through the access road of what we called "Monkey Woods". On many a day when we would gather at the home of one of our Park Merced friends to play football on the lawns or fly airplane models it was the best introductory adventure to wander "Monkey Woods".

Does anyone else have memories of this place? The road is still there but the woods have long been cut down. Driving by now it seems so tiny but yet at the age of 7 it seemed like a jungle ripe for adventure and danger.

Oh and why did they call it "Monkey Woods" ?

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