Re: Did You Have an After School Job?

02/08/08 - posted by patrick

The jobs I recall in grammer/high school times were selling afternoon papers on the island of 19th Ave. and Irving, later to 20th and Irving. Delivering morning and afternoon papers. Using the old canvas newsboy sack, with papers in the front and the back. You folded papers as you walked. Also, later delivering the morning paper from the running board of an auto. The morning Examiner's were already rolled/wrapped in paper from the company. A WWII vet owned this large route and drove the car. I think it was the largest route in town. It included Forest Hill and some of the Avenue's. Collecting, serves, stops etc. he handled. All I had to do was make certain all papers landed on the top step. I had to run up many a step. The best work was the high school Xmas time employment with the SF Post Office. One would attempt to rack up as many hours as possible in this short period. You were supposed to be 18yrs. of age but....

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