Re: Did You Have an After School Job?

02/18/08 - posted by jb

All the best, Don. Caring for an aging parent, to me, is a most difficult part of life. Unlike kids, the srange and unfamiliar habits and attitudes they take on are not something "they will grow out of." Had a gardener that made it sound all too easy in saying "he is my son. I changed his diaper and he will change mine."

You didn't ask for advice but that never has stopped me before. When you come to spend time with your Mom, I hope you will also find a little time to spend on yourself while you are in SF. Recharge your battery with some of the amazing and unique energy only found in The City, be it feeding the ducks in GG park or feasting your eyes on any of the fantastic views. Visit old friends. It worked wonders for me when I was caring for my Dad.


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