Re: Did You Have an After School Job?

02/17/08 - posted by don paolino

My first real job was in 1963-4 at St. Monicas. The eighth grade nun we had(whose name was sister Coronata) hired me and my best friend Bill Pinney to work on Saturdays cleaning out the cafeteria. We would put all the wooden benches up on the tables and sweep it out. Also do any other odd jobs like bringing xmas trees up to the rectory and stuff like that. the pay was not too bad, we got $5 for a mornings work.
Before that around 62 63 I helped out a guy who had the local News Call bulletin route around where I lived on 26th ave near fulton. There was a lot of apartments near 25th which is where mainly I went while the other guy hit the single family residences and flats. I cant remember what the pay was.
It felt nice to have some green folding money in my pocket instead of the silver coins I would try to count to see if I could get some candy.
After St Monicas, I didnt have any after school jobs in high school or college. I looked around but seemed nothing was open to me. When I got out of Berkeley I got my first career job with the Navy in civil service and held on to it for over 31 years before I took an early out and now enjoy the luxury of sleeping in every day and doing whatever I please.
As an aside, last summer I lost the last physical tie I had to the Richmond district. I sold my mother's house on 833 26th ave, as mom has dementia and cannot take care of herself alone any more. Moved in around July 1953. House was built in 1923. Mom did not keep the house up and it was a mess inside but the structural frame was solid. I didnt think I would get that much for it, but it went for more than I thought; good thing as the nursing home fees are astronomical.
Mom is doing fine in her nursing home and will be 90 this summer. She got her new dentures last year and is getting the attention she needs.
She will not move out of SF closer to where I live under any conditions and made it clear so I go up to visit her every few months.

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