Re: Did You Have an After School Job?

02/15/08 - posted by Mary-Ann

Paul, it's interesting you should mention having a savings account at BofA (38th & Balboa?). I primarily wanted to get a job to have more spending money and ended up saving most of my earnings at that bank. No one pushed me into working and although my mom always talked about saving, she never made it a requirement to working. Must be having folks who appreciated the value of a dime or a dollar.

I've enjoyed reading the many postings. It's too bad some of the jobs that kids had, mainly the boys, are not available to them anymore - delivering papers, working in a gas station, etc. Bag boys & girls are now mostly college kids and older - many retirees are into that, too. Many kids can't even walk to and from school (they're driven) much less collect from their paper route customers in person. Hate to think of how vulnerable they would be to strong-arm punks. It seems harder to be a kid now.

Whatever happened?

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