Re: Did You Have an After School Job?

02/11/08 - posted by Steve

I never had an after-school job. I had a "before-school" job delivering the Chronicle.

I had many different summer jobs.

High school and before: During two summers I worked at Balboa Pool and occasionally at other city pools when I could get extra time there. I worked like a slave at a Gulf service station on Geary until a school classmate found a much higher paying and much easier job for me at the old Continental insurance company downtown, on Sansome I think. I did inventory in clothing departments at Macy's. I swept the floor and cleaned cars for several weeks at Harold Menzies on Geary, which was then a Fiat, Triumph and Alfa Romeo dealer.

College: I worked all summer 1969 in the kitchen at Blum's on Union Square, the physically hardest summer job I ever had but the highest paying ($2.85/hr!). Also I worked in the kitchen at the old Notre Dame hospital on Van Ness. In summer 1971, I had no job because of ROTC summer camp, but that was enough.

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