Did You Have an After School Job?

02/08/08 - posted by Mary-Ann Orr - anniespl<at>accessbee.com

What kinds of jobs were available when you were in school and what kinds of jobs did or do your kids have?

My first job was working a couple of summers and one Christmas vacation for my aunt who had her own business - a Secreterial Service in a big office building on Market Street - can't remember the name. I was 12/13 and learned how to answer phones and take messages properly, run a mimeograph and set type for a multigraph machine and many other office chores. I loved working for her. She had a big job for the Shriners - I delivered it and they gave us two tickets to the upcoming East-West game. We went together and the seats were about the 30 or 40 yard line way, way up - I kid you not - in the very top row.

I've mentioned before that I worked at the Balboa Theater, first as a candy girl then as a cashier. Later I crossed the street to work at Walt's Creamery and continued working there after I started at S F State for a short time. Had a friend who worked at a record shop. I remember making 60 and 65 cents an hour - pulling in $12.25 a week and putting $10.00 in the bank, 'living' off the $2.25.

My boys both had newpaper routes. Later one worked at the local bowling establishment and the other worked/learned maintenance at a nearby apartment complex. One summer my girls took care of a neighbor's wife who had suffered a stroke that left her completely bedridden, unable to talk and needing to be fed through a tube. They surprised me by taking this on and, according to the husband, did a wonderful and caring job. I was very proud of them.

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