Re: 'On The Road'

10/11/07 - posted by Ken

jb, if the 1960's kids drank Martinis instead of taking LSD, maybe the 60s would have been like the 50s. And that would have been a good thing. But in my case, as a 1960's teenager, I couldn't afford Martinis and I was scared of LSD. Luckily, for 50 cents, I could buy a quart of Red Mountain Vin Rose and half-gallon for a buck. Back then, it wasn't too hard finding stores that sold liquor to kids. In hindsight, those careless merchants probably saved many of us from becoming drug addicts. So I would belatedly like to thank the Chinese Checker Market on Taraval, Wolf Den Liquor on Lawton, The "Friendly Armenian" over by S.I. and the fine folks at the market at Pine and Buchanan.

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