Re: 'On The Road'

10/11/07 - posted by jb

Will...they had bagels here in the 50's? What took the cops so long to lay off the doughnuts and discover them? Everyone knows you don't call 911 these days...just find a bagel shop. I thought bagels came out here in the early 60's with Chassy's House of Bagels on Geary. Claire...I feel your pain. Martinis have become the new soda-fountain beverage with flavors like chocolate and stawberry. The gin bottles in most bars partonized by folks under 50 have dust on the caps. My Dad, a tavern owner and gibson drinker also, once told me the onion was tossed in to keep the smell of gin off ones breath until 5pm. Of course, he had them for breakfast. I vaguely recall a quote that goes something like "I wonder what the 60's might have been like, had young people discovered Martinis instead of psychedlic drugs?"

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