Re: 'On The Road'

10/17/07 - posted by jb

Thanks Will.

Interesting take and if you want to know more Yiddish, check out this site :

Yiddish, like Irish, is a language that was once banned and is now making a revival, hopefully not too late. Like Irish, it also depends on inflection as well as content to convey the real meaning of the dialog. Sarcasm is big with both, so at least I come by it honestly. Yet for my money, nothing in this world sounds sweeter than Irish being spoken: They can tell you "go to hell" and you'll actually look forward to the trip.

All one really needs to know in Yiddish is that the "schlemeil" is the guy who kicks the ladder with the paint can on it and the "schlemazel" is the guy walking under it who gets hit. Contrary to popular belief, these 2 terms were not first coined by Lavernve & Shirley.

As for the Nik...Given the time and place coupled with the Sacamena Kid's utter disdain for the Beats, his putting the "nik" on the end may have been an attempt to link them as subversive associates with the Soviet Union who had just launched Sput"nik."

Remind me to tell you the story about the time my Yiddish grandmother kicked Herb Caen out of his long-time parking space at the Pickwick Hotel on 5th & Mission. Probably the very incident that turned him sour on the Beats.

Sour on the I'm craving a bowl of Borscht and a pint of the Guinness to keep it Kermit screamed from the's not easy being green and red.

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