Re: Vertigo turns 50~and it fresher than ever

10/07/07 - posted by jb

This event was amazing and very informative. Watching the film in the mission church and then attending a Mass there in the morning in memory of Alfred and Alma Hitchcock was very moving. A slide show posting will follow and for those who missed it, there will be major SF festivities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of the film in 2008.

Attending this festival was a young gentleman who is refilming Vertigo with a very sophisticated hand-held camera, recreating every shot, lense and camera angle, with hope to have it released next year. Yes, like Jimmy Stewart, he is obsessed.

Bit o trivia: Scotty's apartment was on the corner of the 900 block of Lombard Street. His railing was decorated with the Chinese "double happiness" symbol. When the next owner of the property remodeled she tossed it in the trash which was collected, minutes before the neighbor across the street ran out to save it.

And this I got from a very nice man who, when home on military leave in San Juan Bautista, watched the filming when he was 23...Jimmy Steward at age 49 was BALD! I gotta find out whre he had his rugs made...I would have never guessed. This gentleman is also a member of the Breen family, who descends from the last member of the Donner party. Ironically, he is related to my second cousin-by-marriage who is also a Breen...small world, huh?

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