Re: 48th avenue ice rink

08/18/07 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

I seem to remember a lady named Rose and a man named George, but not all that well. You see, I was just a little girl at the time - and I just loved to ice skate. I used to spend as much time as my mom would allow at the ice rink, usually I would go every Saturday afternoon. I remember Flo as a kindly older lady with longish white hair and beautiful dark skin - and a kind of deep husky voice. I seem to remember that she would kick the young troublemaking boys out of the log cabin if they got too loud and boisterous. Also, I remember that there was a lovely young woman named June who used to practice skating figure 8's in the middle of the rink - she always wore a figure skating "costume" dress too - and I loved to watch her.

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