Re: 48th avenue ice rink

11/17/16 - posted by WendyLaws Caldwell

I skated at the 48th Ave rink circa 1963 - 64 on Saturdays. At that time I did most of my skating at the Winter Club in Palo Alto, CA, and our coach Bev Bainbridge would drive a group of us there for lessons from her husband Red Bainbridge who was teaching there at that time. We also started doing rehearsals for a show - called On Broadway . I still have the program. Some of the featured skaters were Diane Leonard and Diane York, Virginia Young, Valerie Smith, Shelley Delmaine, Charlotte Bird, Rose Ann Wallace, Evelyn Morales and Phil Pelayo, Nancy Talavera, Diane Darriman & Terry Haight. Skippy Baxter was also in it as were Meryl Baxter and Neil Rose. Would be great to hear from other fellow skaters.

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