Re: 48th avenue ice rink

05/29/16 - posted by Ken Hoyer

I grew up across the street from the rink. My dad bought a house there in 1951. Growing up there was a lot of kids in the neighborhood the land of the sand and fog. When we would come in from playing in the yard my Mom would holler " empty the sand from your cuffs". We would play unsupervised as long as we came home when the streetlights came on. We would go downtown on the streetcar to by shoes and school uniforms. The streetcar would trudge through the avenues but then we would shoot through the tunnel at warp speed and pop out the other side and felt like it was another land with sunshine, tall buildings and a whole array of people- bag ladies, winos guys with no legs selling pencils on Market St.What an adventure. The men wore suits and women wore hats and white gloves. After shopping my Mom would spring a nickle so we could ride the mechanical horse.

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