Re: 'Po-chops, cabbage, and kone-bread - and Kool Aid to wash it down!'

06/15/07 - posted by Bill Codori

Hi Hamilton

Great story, thanks for sharing it with us. I lived at 135 Brighton Ave from 1946 till the early 60's so we must know some of the same people. You must know the Martini and Hampton families; they were on your part of Brighton Ave. Also the Lamb Family. Do you remember when the K car ran up the 200 and 100 block of Brighton Ave? I took two photos from a web site that has a picture of our block (the 100 block) of Brighton. Check it out at: These two photos are from 1928, I got a kick out of seeing just two cars on the block them. Also, notice that the drive ways were not cut into the curbs but rather built out from the curb. Love the old photos and the old block .. we sure had a good time growing up there.

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