Re: 'Po-chops, cabbage, and kone-bread - and Kool Aid to wash it down!'

01/28/19 - posted by ralph bayard

Hey Hamilton. As I approach my 70th birthday, I was looking online for some historical information that referenced my name, and I came upon the "Po-Chop, Cabbage, and Kone-Bread" story that I had read earlier and had contacted you about. Although I don't remember all the details of that incident as well as you do, it did sound very familiar. Being almost 60 years removed from that story it's very interesting how our own "cultural" lenses tend to filter what we see, what we hear, and what learn. We had a wonderful opportunity to grow up in a neighborhood and during a time where just being a kid was all that mattered, not your color, or your socio-economic status. Just an update, but after living in the fog and cool-air of San Francisco for over 18 years, and the rain and grey of Seattle for so 40+ years, I'm now living in Arizona and enjoying something we didn't see much as kids...The warm Sun!

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