(Art's) Western Sunset Market, 4099 Judah Street

Western Sunset Market, November 2006, at 4099 Judah Street and 46th Avenue. - WNP photo

Memories of "Art's" Western Market on the SE corner of 46th Avenue and Judah street in the Sunset from the WNP message board in October/November 2006:

"Growing up on 46th ave between Judah and Kirkam, the Market was on 46th and Judah. We called it "Art's" as that was the name we knew the owner by. At the age of 5 my mother had me go and buy milk once, 5 years old going down the block and crossing the street! I won't let my 10 year old go to the mailbox by himself these days! He was a great man and his wife who later joined him in the store was lovely. I spent many pennies on those big grape gum balls. It is still there and I believe it is Western Market, but oh, so not the same."

"Art was from Boston, I believe - and he had a little market and deli operation there - and he sold the best coleslaw and "San Francisco style" potato salad! Perfecto Lopez, the owner of Celia's Mexican restaurant used to buy the coleslaw and serve it with the combination plates."
---Karyn Ann Bosso

"I remember Western Market, Art too. Also, the Lebanese brothers who took over after Art sold. I believe their names were Bill and Ted. Even with Safeway across the street Art's did great business."

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