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This event has passed.

1894 Midwinter Fair and the Sunset

Jun 24, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm (Monday) at SHARP 1736 9th Avenue
Woody LaBounty will appear at the SHARP monthly meeting to share the connections of the 1894 Midwinter Fair and the Inner Sunset district. In an attempt to jump start the local economy during a depression, boost San Francisco's reputation, and take advantage of the popularity of the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Michael de Young conceived of the California International Midwinter Exposition, better known as the Midwinter Fair. From January to July 1894, Golden Gate Park hosted daily parades and nightly electric light shows amid Moorish palaces, German beer gardens, mock volcanoes, and Eskimo villages. The "fabulous fair" reflected the imperialist desires, mercantile ideals, societal anxieties, and racist philosophies of the time, and left legacies to the park and the Inner Sunset district that survive today.

map to: SHARP 1736 9th Avenue
Contact: sharp@sharpsf.com
more info: https://sharpsf.com/?meeting=june-s-h-a-r-p-meeting-woody-lebounty-recalls-the-midwinter-fair-of-1894
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