Alamo 5th Grade - 1964 1964

Alamo School, Fall 1964, Grade L5, Teacher: Mrs. Rose Catalano.

Top Row: Dennis Li, Benny Ramos, Philip Monzano, Robert Louie, Thomas Gibson, Jack Barris, Stephen Holben, Robert Rhine, Mrs. Catalano.

2nd row: Jeanette Reschke, Stephanie Austin, Jeanette Gray, Carol Tom, Stefanie Schwarz, Deborah Lemlow, Teresa Kurtz, Linda Barnhart, Crystal Herndon, Janet Eagleson, Karen Cohn, Morjana Coffman.

3rd row: Mary Schneider, Cora DeFontes, Cathy Pawling, Roma Lowery, Joy Sassoon, Victoria Rhine, Robin Graham, Mary Chan, Mamie Toy, Carol Haber.

4th row: Robert Demars, Mark Steiner.

Courtesy of Ben Ramos

Alamo 5th Grade - 1964 Alamo 5th Grade - 1964

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